Decide how the perfect meme economy should be.

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  • Each user will be given the information needed to make an informed decision.
  • Each user can submit and vote on how the economy and site should behave.
  • Each user can submit its own solution and get it voted. (unlike fixed polls)
  • Each user can change his vote whenever he wants.
  • I will code the selected ideas into existence. (je me garde le 49-3, ne lisez pas ce passage)

Is the market too aggressive towards new traders?   Logicien

Quite a lot of people did register, then bought a lot of badly selected shares or sent unsuccessful memes, went broke and didn't came back. Even if a suspect a few of them to be alts ;p, a lot seemed to be legit traders. How can we avoid people getting broke too fast?

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How do we promote original content creators more than reposters?   Logicien

Seeing great new original content is one the reason for this site, but every economic decision taken might lead to reposting being more efficient to get rich. So how could be ensure that OC is rewarded?

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How should we deal with moderation?   BOFH

I'm all for free speech and for an unregulated market to settle what people enjoy, but I don't really know all the related legal stuff. What do you want to see?

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