Regulate the market

- You should not be able to make unlimited more memes. We should regulate the market or new memes will flood everything and will always only get like one or two people that buy them and then they will fall to sleep. - The value of meme rising and falling should be estimated with more buys and sells. Like 10 for example - Be able to increse shares.

  Schmid Allianz

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11 0   Schmid Allianz Also, hall of fame shouldnt be based on pure current balance. Because a good trader does not keep balance.

0 0   Logicien So what ranking would you like to see?

9 0   Sheep InPanic Beeing able to increase shares is good. The value should be the ave. sales sharing price or something. And i don't like the idea of stopping people from creating new memes, when they are bad nobody should buy them.

1 0   Logicien I kinda like the idea of a free market, maybe raising the minimum number of shares for an IPO to 20 could solve the current meme flood. Other way is to change the way memes are ranked on popular pages.