Settings for pop ups

We should be able to turn off the new offer pop ups. Or maybe put them in a sidebar. They cover more than half of the little screen I got.


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5 0   nic547 I'd love to see a irc/console like interface replacing the popups. Just simple text like :"BUY Trebuchet 10@2.5 by Nic547 It would also mean that you had a bit of "history" for the chat, so you won't miss anything just because you're multitasking, while being less intrusive then the pop-ups. A Filter to hide/show different types of messages would also be cool.

1 0   Logicien Thanks for the suggestions, working on it, good idea about the console commands. The current UI and UX is being redone soon in React + Redux, so I mostly concentrate on server scalability and performance for the moment.

0 0   Logicien Working on the user interface / user experience right now and we plan to have a right sidebar with activity feed on the top right and chat on the bottom right.