Creating a way to loan money.

It is obviously needed in order to make our economy more competitive to be able to take loans. Maybe we should create a virtual bank that can give loans or make players directly involved in lending money to each other.

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10 2   Logicien I think we need to figure a way to allow the flow of money because right now the rich are getting richer and the poor just stop playing. I was thinking we could reset the economy every X months for example, give session prizes (achievements for example) and reset all the balances to start fresh with updated rules.

1 0   Anne Aunyme I agree that this would be a saner solution to the problem.

4 0   DoubleBet Maybe give users the ability to give each other loans? Basically like sell/buy orders, except you make an offer of X money at Y interest for Z time?

1 0   Lehmeme Bro.s Yes we could create market for inter-user bonds, then one could even re-sell the loan and credit events (possible bankruptcies for example) would reflect in the bond’s price.

1 0   Johanneskodo Also I think we should ban 1:1 copies. I think it is a bit stupid that you can basically copy memes 1:1. I think that should not be allowed.