How to fight the possible fluctuation of the value of our currency ?

Each day, new money is created, either from the dividends or new people joining the economy. The amount of memes and stocks that can be traded is also changing, but it is not linked to the currency. If too much memes and stocks are created, we risk a crisis where new memes would be available for cheap and old memes would lose their value. People would get ruined. On the opposite side, if the number of memes and stocks doesn't grow fast enough, with people getting dividends and new players joining the economy with their money, the cost of memes would skyrocket and even though we'd gain some money right now, it would be extremely bad for the market on the long term, because it would be harder to trade memes and new players wouldn't be able to buy any of them. I think we need a way to make our currency less volatile and to make sure that the markets are going to be stable in the future, anybody has any ideas how ?

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6 0   Logicien Every single nudge I give in the design process can change the dynamics of the economy a lot. I am looking forward to meeting an economics university professor to see if he might be interested in the experiment that is EuroKeks. I guess its pretty exciting from an economic perspective to have the ability to experiment with such an unique platform.