Who can and how should we allow raising the number of shares of a meme?

Should it be the CEO or a shareholders vote? How much should it cost, and who should the shares belong to after the operation. Also will it not impact the rarity of memes if owning a rare meme is just a click away for the CEO of creating a gazillion copy, thus destroying rarity. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Seasoned_equity_offering


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11 0   Anne Aunyme One of the shareholders can submit a vote for that: he specifies how many shares he wants to create, and how much these shares will cost. Other shareholders can vote for or against, and the value of the vote is proportional to the number of shares owned. The proposition is accepted or rejected as soon as 50%+1 votes agree on one point. At that moment the shares are created (the cost is divided among all the shareholder, proportionally to their number of shares). The ownership of the shares is divided amongst everyone if possible. If that's not possible, the remaining shares are automatically set to be sold at the indicated price and the benefits of this sale are divided among all the shareholders.

1 0   Johanneskodo I like the idea of raising the shares of each shareowner at the same rate the shares are raised. So if you increase the shares by 100% everyone gets 100% more shares. This way the amount of tradeable shares also doubles and no one looses dividends/control. But I think the CEO should pay everything (perhaps like 1 ECU per share) this way controling a meme gives you actual power and allows you to raise your tradeable memes. So you take over the majority and then create memes to sell off above 1 ECU to make a profit while none of the original shareholders loose anything. This would also make it profitable to get memes that will increase early to then sell of later.

3 0   M4GNV5 I would suggest the vote duplicates the shares, so if the vote passes all shares half in value, but everyone gets twice as many shares. The question is what happens to sell/buy offers, should the quantity and price be kept? or should the price be halfed too and the quantity be doubled too?

2 2   afarmer How do I connect to ninjatrader

4 0   Logicien I'll look into it, could be fun to have real trading software connected to EuroKeks.

0 0   Johanneskodo In my opinion shareholders should be compansated even perhaps granted the same increase in shares that the shares increase. So if I raise a memestock by 100% everybody gets 100% more shares. Also this way the amount of shares tradable increase by 100%. Otherwise you could devalue really great and rare memes with lots of dividents.

0 1   Sky95 The CEO can request a raising of quantity, which can be allowed, if like 60% of the people, who bought it agree. (Not the amount of stock is important, but the number of people).