Is the market too aggressive towards new traders?

Quite a lot of people did register, then bought a lot of badly selected shares or sent unsuccessful memes, went broke and didn't came back. Even if a suspect a few of them to be alts ;p, a lot seemed to be legit traders. How can we avoid people getting broke too fast?


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13 0   Anne Aunyme give something like 10ECU/day during the first week, so they can't be completely broke on their first connection

1 0   Logicien Yup, thought about something like this. People still have difficulties getting the concept of the site and a sort of trial time might be good.

1 0   DataEntity One way could be single-stock OC auctions, similar to art trade. This could help those that have run out of money to raise some capital, while also promoting creation of OC.

0 0   Logicien Hi DataEntity, you seem to be in the art trade business would be nice to talk to you on the Discord about it.