A Suggestion: Liquidating

Hey guys. I have noticed that if you buy a meme, it can be really hard to eventually sell. Just basic supply and demand.
 That's why I think we should have a quick sell option. Basically, at any point, you can sell a share to the market at 5 ECU less than what the share last sold far. This will also come with a quick buy feature which would basically mean that any memes that were quick sold can be quick bought for 5 ECU more than the last person to person trade. 
 I think this is a fair and balanced method that would take away some of the stagnating and boredom that leads players into quitting mid-career.


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5 0   Slashion I agree, I saw this on another meme exchange, it kept it very much alive.

0 0   D4W Yes, I agree with this as well, and I think it will be a good way to provide cash for the economy as well and keep it moving even when trading is slow. One thing is that it could be abused or result in overall market drops long term, but I still agree that we should implement this to make trading easier and more convenient.

0 0   Nico good idea, yeah, tho maybe instead of constants of 5 ECU make it proportional to the value of the meme