How do we promote original content creators more than reposters?

Seeing great new original content is one the reason for this site, but every economic decision taken might lead to reposting being more efficient to get rich. So how could be ensure that OC is rewarded?


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1 0   Hot, Sticky ... Base starting IPO PPS based on popularity of associated search results in Google and other search engines. In this way only wealthy traders can make already popular meme companies, while encouraging everyone to make new memes to save on start-up costs. While not very related, if this is implemented I think a certain amount of dividends should be derived from world wide searches, not just on site views.

0 0   Logicien Thought about something similar, giving the possibility of having a specific meme linked to Google Trends search results, problem being how to tie together internal market value with offer and demand and external value. Since it could provide infinite money, for example buy trump low, wait for his next scandal, sell, rinse and repeat.

0 0   Logicien Also noticed a lot of google trends search are cyclical, for example "monday" will have peak search every monday. Don't really know how can this be integrated into the current offer/demand based prices.

0 0   Anne Aunyme The best example for that is the :noel: meme

1 0   NakeySnakey We could do it with milestone dates. OC will have been created earlier.

0 0   Johanneskodo Just ban reposts. If you create a golden pepe instead of silver one it is fine. If you create "Pepe the frog" instead of "pepe" your meme gets destroyed and you get refunded the 1 ECU per share you invested.