2edgy4me change

2edgy4me needs to change because, if an edgy meme is offensive to a person they can just scroll past and ignore it, this would help creators and brokers because the meme police would have to seize the meme and destroy it and it would help stocks, if a meme is too edgy such as, oh i don't know, child porn memes, those can be removed, but a lowly suicide meme is "ok" by meme standards, if someone is triggered by me saying this , then click the small red x at the top of your screen, but in conclusion this is not a question, it is a statement on what the people of this website should be able to create without terrible consequences.

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0 0   Count Dankelous i feel like thats a huge reason why this is dead

0 0   Nico Yeah, I mean to a degree its needed, but there needs to be definite rules on what is too edgy. Like you said, suicide memes are ok by meme standards, and theres a big difference between edginess of some edgy memes. Like, there are 9/11 memes, and school shooting memes, etc. and there should be more clear rules on what is too much

0 0   BOFH There's a quite high tolerance on edgy stuff. I just want as less drama as possible tbh.