Any kind of recruit bonus

to get new players here? or some other plans for growth? Economies need constant expansion right? especially one with now money sinks we need new people to take advantage of to grow our stacks of meme lucre

  Imani Thomas

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2 0   Logicien The market is currently favorable to new players since they get 100ECUs and the regular players have to rely on dividends, buy/sell and meme IPOs to raise their balance. There is no proper money sink right now but we could say that difficult to sell shares are some kind of money sink. An option to sell those at 0.5ECU could provide a drain.

1 0   Imani Thomas Good idea with the option to sell. maybe lower then .5 though to make it really certain you are doing a last resort can the system handle numbers smaller then .1?

0 0   Logicien Yes it can. I think in real dankruptcy cases the company assets gets sold and that provides some money to investors. Also thought about giving the option to "robot sell", each hour a new sell order is done starting at market price and going down 0.3 ECU each hour for example and the previous one is cancelled.