Market fluidity

The market lacks fluidity right now and I had a one hour discussion with a stock market expert who worked as a market maker ( It might be interesting to see how this can be implemented into EuroKeks to ensure a more constant flow of orders and to unstuck stale memes. He also suggested implementing taxes on those who keep shares too long. What do you think?


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2 0   alyzrand If you do implement this, it should be to incentivize selling rather then penalize holding. Taxing current holdings would discourage players who play the long game. At the same time, we need to make it worthwhile to sell. Perhaps a liquidate option that sells shares back to the site based on a percentage of a time-averaged value. Then we get into inflation control, but thats another issue. On a player level, it would be a bitch to track 10s to 100s of stocks you own to know when you would be taxed for holding it too long. Lastly, if you are like me and keep most of your money in stocks, this move would fuck us over. In this market, it is hard to liquidate assets quickly and imposing a penalty to those who won't or can't is simply absurd from a player perspective.

1 0   Logicien > I get your point, I also though about improving the buy form to include spread ( meaning that you could enter a range for the buy form that creates a sell order at the same time you buy.

0 0   Imani Thomas what if people are trying to sell shares but no one wants to buy them, should those shares be getting taxed?

2 0   Logicien I guess those shares could be sold to the market maker at 0.5 price by default. Still wondering about implementing taxes since they seem to be very unpopular but provide a convenient money drain to fight inflation.

0 0   Imani Thomas taxes would be fine as long as you can't get stuck paying taxes for shares you don't even want.