How should we deal with moderation?

I'm all for free speech and for an unregulated market to settle what people enjoy, but I don't really know all the related legal stuff. What do you want to see?


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2 0   SirFogg Limited posting right by few rules. Mod that are allowed to delete "illegal" meme.

3 0   Logicien What about the black meme market then, it will prosper like during the Prohibition. Maybe a NSFW tagging system?

0 0   SirFogg A strong police will never fail :p

2 0   Aztek I think some of the best memes are the NSFW ones, so maybe we should allow them as long as they don't go too far (Don't promote racism, or such things but just make jokes about them)

0 0   trqx log all moderation actions, visible to all on a single page.

0 0   Logicien Seems fair, trying to merge this with a community based system review of flagged memes.