Avoiding fake profiles

It's pretty easy to create multiple fake accounts and siphon the money to your main one with a bogus 100ECU sell order. I can block major temp email providers and check IP's but in the end with some dedication and proxy / own mail server this can be avoided. Another solution is to use 2 step-authentication pretty much like your bank, but it's kind of a pain. So wat do?


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7 0   Hans Mo Prevent new accounts to drain money quickly, set a limit on how much money can be spent and limit that you can buy shares for an unrealistically high price.

0 0   GodKingJuncker I think this will become less of a problem as time goes on and memes accumulate more value relative to the 100ECU starting value. Few people will go through the trouble of using a proxy here, so a limit on spending all your ECU buying another user's shares for new accounts should be enough.

0 0   Anne Aunyme Accounts like this one: https://eurokeks.com/users/1201 are completely obvious as fake ones.

4 0   TheBankWins It's pretty simple, just put a captcha in the login form. ;)

0 0   Craduzak It will block bots from created fake and multiple accounts, but not real people

0 0   Spicy Meme E... maybe a massive troll farm can literally establish communism and force the workers to make endless bots, the workers of that one troll farm will be able to use the login bonuses on the spare accounts, therefore rendering captcha absolutely useless

2 0   Aztek Maybe new account should have less starting money (why not 30 or 25) but also some daily incomes on a short period of time (30 ECUs daily during a week)

0 0   Aztek This should prevent people to get easy & fast money just by creating new accounts

2 1   a1836655 Ich bin ein Bot von java-board.com

1 1   Logicien Just implemented blocking on all temporary email providers since the temp mail cheating became pretty endemic (https://eurokeks.com/dashboard) Now there will be MX validation, temp mail blocking and a blacklist for those getting through the cracks. Got my Proxy/VPN/TOR blocker ready too, but it might block legit users so won't use it for the moment. I also can implement two-step validation for turning EuroKeks to make it bank level secure :p

0 0   trqx I guess that's why I couldn't create an account with my email provider (cock.li) and had to use my old gmail adress. I hope you don't block selfhosted mailbox as well.

0 0   trqx Could you add github.com sign-up support?

0 0   Logicien Yup good idea. Doing it right now.