What to do with frozen old memes?

There are some meme where most of the traders that have a share just stopped played, so they won't sell them even if someone offers a very high price, and the time going there will be more and more of these. It means that these memes will become at some point impossible to buy. How can this problem be solved?

  Anne Aunyme

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16 0   Logicien We could have some "bleed" effect where the inactive users "bleed" their shares at market value if they've been inactive for two weeks. For example everyday one share from each of their portfolio memes is sold automatically at market value. That will allow some "rare" memes to get back in the market.

1 0   YQ Maybe have the bleed effect compensate the input of money from new accounts creation?

0 0   Kethku Could give bleed memes to new accounts