Dividends should rise/fall on google search results, not clicks on this site

As the title says, people create multiple accounts to rise the value of a share to unrealistic values to create clicks and higher dividends. Older memes meanwhile won't get any clicks nor interest, getting completly ignored.

  Sheep InPanic

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9 0   Johanneskodo This would pretty much make "memes" such as "Google", "Amazon", "how to have sex", "New-York" the most worth.Instead we could focuson mentions on sites like reddit (in /r/france, /r/de, /r/dankmemes, /r/funny etc.) or stuff like that.

1 0   Lehmeme Bro.s Good idea. IMO the exact source of measurement is not so important as long as the measurement is done by an external party, so that notifications and rising memes do not cause self-fulfilling prophecies.

0 0   Sheep InPanic If we make it happen that memes have to go through a judge before created, this would be prevented.

1 0   GodKingJuncker I agree with this, seeing as most of our userbase will probably come from Reddit, at least in the beginning. I'd be in favor of tracking mentions (or upvotes, comments, whatever) on a group of subreddits or even reddit wide.

0 0   Logicien Talked with the NasDanq dev recently, we took two very different directions, they have a social scraper that extracts trends from social media and I'm more focused on the stock exchange tech with offer/demand to set the price. Maybe we could work out some kind of partnership.

0 0   srslymad instead of absolute google search results relative to the amount of search results at the time of creation?

6 0   Logicien A few problems with google trends, first it is cyclical so if you create "monday" meme for example it, value will peak every monday and fall afterwards. Another problem is that OC by definition isn't on Google Trends and I would prefer to encourage OC more than 'old' memes. The site is one week old so everything is still very fresh (and buggy) but I believe that the offer and demand will settle things in the end.

1 0   Sheep InPanic True that, but i still think we need to find another way to calculate dividends other then clicks on the meme. Also, i think there was an idea to ask random users before judge new memes before they're published, so "non-meme shares" or fakes/copies can be prevented.