So we're starting to see our fair share of copy paste and nsfw memes, what do you think about an auto-regulation system where new memes have to be approved by 2 out of 3 randomly picked connected users before being submitted. The users getting one ECU for it paid by the meme creator for example. I really don't want to spend time moderating and prefer to code cool stuff.


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16 0   Sky95 Sounds good. I would like to give it a try for at least, say 2 weeks and if it is good keep it, otherwise decide what should be changed or maybe remove it, if it doesnt work at all.

0 0   ScalSaver Two weeks sounds a bit short to reach any kind of stable state, to me.

3 0   Sheep InPanic Sounds like a good idea, but i feel like " 3 random users" will be difficult, since some people might be afk/brain-afk. Implement a timer, if random user x doesnt vote within 10 minutes, it takes another random user. Also, the user should probably users that are older than x days, so new multiple accounts cant vote or something.

0 0   Sky95 yeah, this sounds really good.

2 0   GodKingJuncker Maybe it's also a good idea to implement a "report" or "flag" button on memes and you ask 3 random people to moderate flagged memes, as there may be times when 3 people aren't online. You could also display a list of flagged memes somewhere and allow people to vote yes/no on them here in the democracy tab.

2 0   ScalSaver I've just proposed the idea to Logicien on Discord. Of course I'm in. Autogestion is an idea that is millenia old, but our capitalistic western culture believes only in pyramidal hierarchy. Autogestion goes along the Internet's horizontal hierarchy. But with great power, I'll ask you to hold them with great mindfullness and responsibility. =)

1 1   ItalianMemeGuy Instead of receiving ECUs for doing it they should receive a stock of the meme, but great idea!