Banning 1:1 copies of memes

I think we should ban 1:1 copies of existing memes. Otherwise we will have the same memes being reposted over and over.


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13 0   Sheep InPanic Agree - If people realize a meme is gone and already high value, they just change the name/meaning a slightly bit and create a kinda fake version. Makes Memes more meaningful if it can't be reposted again and again.

7 0   Logicien I am coding a report functionality on memes so you can report them for 1:1 copy or for NSFW content. The meme pic being replaced by some "Meme Police" pic until it is changed. Is that ok for you?

2 0   Anne Aunyme That would be perfect! Can you add a possibility to add a reference to the meme being copied?

0 0   GodKingJuncker For example this as well: "Mocking Spongebob", and "mocking spongebob" The question is how to correct these things, refund everybody their ECU or what? After a few trades it's not so simple anymore unfortunately.

0 0   Johanneskodo An example: Wanted to create "Thüringer Bratwurst" today, when "Bratwurst" (with the same picture) was avaliable. Luckily I realised my mistake before I created it. If I created it like that it would be fair to just cancel my meme and give me 1 ECU refund per share.