Frequently Asked Questions


Memes (companies) are split in parts (shares) that can be owned by different users.

Users can buy and sell parts of a meme (shares) with money (ECU).

When people look at a meme it generates money for the meme owners. (daily dividends linked to unique views)

Users can create new memes in exchange for money. (1ECU per share)


New users receive 100 ECU for their trading career. (ECUs are the game currency or game money.)

What's the goal?
The goal is to imagine a new economic system that applies selective pressure to the content and users in order to have a great flow of original content that gets sorted through offer and demand.
Votes, likes, retweets, etc. are infinite so of low value by nature. Giving limited action potential makes the act of "liking" by buying a more pertinent indicator of interest. Also having to sell to reinvest should better illustrate current felt trends.

What's a meme?
  • A meme is "an idea, behavior, or style that spreads from person to person within a culture".
  • A meme acts as a unit for carrying cultural ideas, symbols, or practices that can be transmitted from one mind to another through writing, speech, gestures, rituals, or other imitable phenomena with a mimicked theme.
  • Supporters of the concept regard memes as cultural analogues to genes in that they self-replicate, mutate, and respond to selective pressures.

  • What's EuroKeks?
  • Eurokeks is a experimental parody stock exchange. It is a fully functional stock exchange market for memes.
  • Offer and demand apply selective pressure on memes and let the best win.
  • Unlike 'likes' and 'upvotes' you show appreciation and interest by buying shares and selling them. Watching is free!
  • No cheating! All transactions are public. Anyone can monitor the market health.

  • Democracy?
    • We are in the process of building a liquid democracy regarding all aspects of the economy. ( Démocratie liquide)
    • Every user will be polled for every decision on how the economy is tailored.
    • If he isn't present or wants to refer to another more experienced user he can delegate his decision to a delegate of his choosing.
    • Pretty much all the information is available and displayed nicely so everyone can take an informed decision.
    • If economists are interested in the birth of an open realtime economic system, feel free to join the Discord.

    Who are you?
    I am french senior dev, who studied philosophy, and wanted a coding challenge and some fun. I have already been involved in a few successfull startups as CTO/lead dev. Also got my first citation in quantum computing research last month ;p

    How do I contact you?
    Feel free to mail me at my . We also have a Discord channel if you want to chat/talk live.

    I want to report X?
    Mail me at my and give a link to the problematic page. I'll try to answer fast. We are currently testing a self-regulating moderation process, but some things might get through, sorry about that.

    How are the economic / macro-economic decisions taken? Want to help?
    We provide free and full access to all the transaction logs and economy global dashboard so I guess it can be pretty exciting for an economics scholar to dive in and do whatever he wants with a reactive realtime economic system as long as the community is ok with it. Feel free to mail me at my

    What's the difference with NasDanq?
    Didn't have a look at their closed beta and we coded things in very different ways. Eurokeks is a working stock exchange where offer and demand sets the market price. NasDanq has focused on social media scraping to create an external price, it is somehow trend betting. We discussed about some kind of possible partnership a few days ago.

    What technology is EuroKeks using?
    • Back-end: Ruby On Rails 5, used by some of the leading global websites.
    • Realtime: Websockets and ActionCable
    • Front-end: ERB/HAML Bootstrap 4 and jQuery, migrating soon to React + Redux

    How secure is EuroKeks?
    Since EuroKeks got featured on Hacker News, got my share of attacks. If you find any security flaw, mail me at and get some bounty ECU.
    • All connections are encrypted with SSL. (small lock in the browser search field)
    • Pretty much all user input is untrusted by default, then processed and validated.
    • Secure authentication and authorization for any request.
    • IP-based request throttling.
    • Hash-based image collision avoidance.
    • Optimistic locking for time-attacks.
    • CSRF protection.
    • And much more...

    What are some of stats?
    • We managed to hold 400 concurent active connections at peak of people mashing BUY/SELL buttons with an average page load time of 250ms.
    • On the same day there was around 9.500.000 realtime events sent to users.
    • All of this while the site uses some pretty complex financial database queries.

    How is EuroKeks financed? What are the plans?
    Had no idea the site will take off so much so currently wondering about this.
    I pretty much want the community to decide what they want, here are a few ideas:
    • Use EuroKeks as a testing ground and sell the tech as SaaS for "serious" business.
    • Use donations from users (donators get a golden name or some cool stuff, no pay to win)
    • Use ads to pay for server costs (kinda dislike the idea)