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363% Stiereier

So und etz fick ich dich richtig!!! Ich hab niemandem was getan und du beleidigst mich!!! HAS T HALT LEIDER SELBST NICHTS VORTUWEIßEN AUSSER NE...

You know i had to do it to em

You know i had to do it to em

A very classic meme although it is quite dead. There are several memeseptione on it and it's highly adaptable. Lucky luciano is trully a legend...

Roblox death sound

-75% Roblox death sound

Oof! An old classic meme which should exist in the meme economy. There are several channels on youtube with their only purpose to is to use the...


11% Jesus

An ancient meme with great seasonnal impact around Christmas and Easter. Solid value.