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Thinking Emoji

-49% Thinking Emoji

The Thinking Face Emoji is a circular emoji featuring a face with a raised eyebrow, down-turned mouth and a single hand appearing to scratch its...


15% Trebuchet

Trebuchet stocks rise and fall pretty fast. Be cautious. Consult /r/trebuchetmemes for state of the art siege weaponry.
 Can throws 90 shares...

So und etz fick ich dich richtig!!!

12% So und etz fick ich dich richtig!!!

Ich hab niemandem was getan und du beleidigst mich!!! HAS T HALT LEIDER SELBST NICHTS VORTUWEIßEN AUSSER NE FETTE WAMPE!!! HAB DICH IMMER...


11% Jesus

An ancient meme with great seasonnal impact around Christmas and Easter. Solid value.

Dark Memes

-73% Dark Memes

Possibly more offensive than dank memes! These memes can range from offensive jokes to jokes about suicide!