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Sometimes, ROFLMAO is not enough, you need more power. And ROFLMAOZEDONG is of course more powerful.

Kim-Jong Un

53% Kim-Jong Un

KJ1 memes seems to be reliable investments for the next few months. Will go huge if Pence zaps them.

You are what you eat

33% You are what you eat

memes on poor peoples are always great
 *High price because high dividends! Long time investment!*

Pacific Sound 3003

-82% Pacific Sound 3003

Refresh ton paypal et achรจte des parts, Jรฉhovah t'aime, tu n'es qu'amour, hmmmmmm...


11% Jesus

An ancient meme with great seasonnal impact around Christmas and Easter. Solid value.

Troll Squad

92% Troll Squad

Send this troll death squad to your competitor. 
 Invest now and exterminate competition!

Al Assad

Al Assad

Le dictateur prรฉfรฉrรฉ de tout le monde, pourrai se faire renverser bientรดt, ce qui mรจnerai a un pic trรจs fort, ACHETEZ

Butt #1

Butt #1

Butts ! A cute vntage butt, the same as your mom before she sacrifice her hips for you. As a investor, remember what she says :"sex is easy money".

Schopenhauer 8

Schopenhauer 8

A rare collectible handcrafted meme in limited edition from "The Art of Trolling".


-1% Larry

Larry the lucky is an ace of finance. Invest now and multiply your profits thanks to the advice of Larry. Make sure you're lucky with Larry.

Gรฉnรฉral de Booba

37% Gรฉnรฉral de Booba

Charles a la Gaulle et bientรดt vos shares l'auront aussi!