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Sometimes, ROFLMAO is not enough, you need more power. And ROFLMAOZEDONG is of course more powerful.

Kim-Jong Un

53% Kim-Jong Un

KJ1 memes seems to be reliable investments for the next few months. Will go huge if Pence zaps them.

You are what you eat

33% You are what you eat

memes on poor peoples are always great
 *High price because high dividends! Long time investment!*

Pacific Sound 3003

-82% Pacific Sound 3003

Refresh ton paypal et achรจte des parts, Jรฉhovah t'aime, tu n'es qu'amour, hmmmmmm...


11% Jesus

An ancient meme with great seasonnal impact around Christmas and Easter. Solid value.

Troll Squad

92% Troll Squad

Send this troll death squad to your competitor. 
 Invest now and exterminate competition!

Butt #1

Butt #1

Butts ! A cute vntage butt, the same as your mom before she sacrifice her hips for you. As a investor, remember what she says :"sex is easy money".

Al Assad

Al Assad

Le dictateur prรฉfรฉrรฉ de tout le monde, pourrai se faire renverser bientรดt, ce qui mรจnerai a un pic trรจs fort, ACHETEZ

Schopenhauer 8

Schopenhauer 8

A rare collectible handcrafted meme in limited edition from "The Art of Trolling".