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Snapchat lenses

-99% Snapchat lenses

With the growing popularity of the Ugandan knuckle meme. People have started to mass produce snapchat lenses of the meme. Several other memes and...

Sweating Guy Meme

67% Sweating Guy Meme

Sweating guy is great for reactions, generic memes, offensive memes, everything! This meme isn't the hottest now, but investing your money into...

Do you know dae wae (Ugandan Knuckles Meme)

120% Do you know dae wae (Ugandan Knuckles Meme)

The Ugandan knuckles meme is on the rise and can be also a good long term investment for benefits

...Wants to know your location

150% ...Wants to know your location

This is a fresh meme atm popular at several Reddit forums. And the meme has not reached 9gag and the normies yet. A truly dank meme for the...