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Composite meme indices.

Vote Name Ticker Description Creator
46 3 KEK40 KEK40 Worldwide first memetic stock exchange index.   Logicien
14 2 Deutscher Kopiernudel-Index DKI Die schmackhaftesten deutschen Kopiernudeln   gefällt+schm...
14 2 Macron MAC10 French president Macron memetic index.   Logicien
13 4 NASDANQ NDAQ Focused specifically on US memes and markets   AYY2BRUTE
9 4 EXODIA THE FORBIDDEN ONE EXODIA He who collects all these memes shall be rewarded with a power no one can contain   Lazordeladidou
6 1 Deutscher Meme Index DMX The DMX consists of all glorious German memes   Sycorax_
6 2 FTSE100 FTSE Index focusing on good old Great British Memes   Andrew
4 1 The_Schulz Index SCHX Schulz Memes   Bob Flaming
3 0 Weeb Index WEEB Index for weeb related memes.   Mcace
3 0 Fresh sweet doggo memes for all DOGGM The dankest and coolest doggo memes this side of eurokek   cbel
3 0 me_irl MEIRL the only good sub   test123
2 0 Morts de Rire. MDR Les Memes de la Patrie, fabriqués en France pour exporter la Révolution.   SansCon
2 0 Classic Memes CM From Poop in the shower guy, over the classical you don't surf till the modern memes. This indice shall contain memes, which is are well known classics.   Sky95
2 0 Skeleton War Index SWI All stocks related to the skeleton war.   Schmid Allianz
2 0 New York Stock Photo Exchange NYSPE Exchange dedicated to trading Stock Photos   Vladimeme
1 0 50's Spidey Fortune SPID 50's Spiderman investment organization   spidey
1 0 Charlie Uniform Kilo CUK A heavy   tccki
1 0 4chan meme 4chan all the 4chan memes   HQr
1 0 SpongeNPants500 SnP500 An index of all spongebob memes. Dutifully updated.   GodKingJuncker
1 0 ClickB'8 CKB8 An index to gauge how efficient at attracting views clickbait memes are   Lazordeladidou
1 0 nostalgia memes DANK Heros get remembered, but legends never die.   MoneyMemes
1 0 S&Meme 420 SnM420 an index of the overall health of the meme market   KrazyDude
1 0 /g/ GEE Technology memes   Christopher ...
1 0 Furry FURRY Furry meme index   WhiteTail
1 0 Deutscher MaiMai Index DMMX Die wertvollsten deutschen MaiMais   trecool
1 0 italian pizza S.R.T BOH #pizza #peperoni #LucaToni   Mr Giorgio M...
0 0 DANKORP DKP Dankorp   George
0 0 TwitchEmotes TTV The juciest Twitch Emotes on one Index!   Sheep InPanic
0 0 Batman Forever Index BTMFRV Divided by Kiss From A Rose   afarmer
0 0 MarginCall WSBC Trusty meme's   J nug
1 1 Rare Pepe Index PEPE Tracking the evolution of the rare pepe market, send a PM if you want yours added.   Logicien
0 0 DankStreet Finances Memes There are memes.   Doge Doge
1 0 Elite African Stock Index EASI Elite African Stock Index - Only the finest and elitest african memes.   Seromania
0 0 GIPHX GIF GIF Index - top animated memes   Schmeckle
0 0 Most Valuable kekom Only The Most Valuable   Advisor
0 0 Nerd Index NDI Index for all Nerdy memes   M4GNV5
0 1 KEK40 Inverse 04KEK Shorting, for the bears   George
0 1 Deutsche Facebookmaimais DEFM German Maimais based on Facebook Content   nic547
0 1 Top Kek TOPKEK A diverse blue chip portfolio of the top performers and classics with potential future bullish action   jcrza
2 3 The Donald TRMP The Emperor Index of all things emperor.   Micah Waffle
0 2 Marine MLP10 French presidential candidate Marine memetic index.   Logicien
4 11 Nazi Index NI All Nazi Memes   M4GNV5